Hiding scratches: If you’ve got a good eye for matching colors,

you can actually use crayons or markers or purchase wax sticks

from the hardware store to fill-in scratches. Try to match the stain

color on your floors, but don’t worry if it’s a little off. If the color is

close, once the scratch is filled, it’ll look like a variation in the

wood  grain.Polishing floors: You can make a polish solution for

your floors from/household ingredients. Mix olive oil and vinegar

in equal parts, pour it directly into scratches, and then wipe it off

after 24 hours.

It may take several applications, but this homemade polish will

fill and cover most scratches.

Clever decor: It’s not a long-term solution, but sometimes the most

painless way to fix scratches in your floors is to cover them with

a rug or furniture arrangement.

Spot sanding: For deeper scratches, you’ll need to spot sand with

fine steel wool or sandpaper, use wood filler, and stain and seal

the repaired area.

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